‘At times, it can be very frustrating when children are ‘overreacting’ to situations that seem very trivial. However, it is important to remember that problems are relative. Cast your mind back to when you were a teenager. The problems you had then will seem irrelevant now. Despite that, you will remember your emotions being overwhelming and equally as painful as the emotions you feel now as an adult when things go wrong. As we grow up, our problems become more serious. However, at the time they are big and evoke strong emotions. It’s important to remember this with little ones. A two-year-old’s problems are going to seem irrelevant through the eyes of an adult. However, it is important to remember that they are relative to their age and are a big deal to them. Maybe you have given them the wrong pen, or their trousers are twisted and they can’t sort them out. Whatever the problem is, it is important to try to look at the world through their eyes and limited experience, and acknowledge how they are feeling…..’

Click her to read my whole article in Parenta Magazine to find out how you can support children’s emotional well-being.

I hope you enjoy it!

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