A storybook & activities to support your children through Coronavirus

In these uncertain times we need to protect our babies emotionally. As a parent myself, I have noticed that my little ones are feeling really confused by it all! I’ve created this book (and activities) to help not only my children, but every other child out there to be able to understand what is going on and to process their thoughts and feeling about it all.

Please do keep in touch as I would love to hear how you all are. This may be my business but at the end of the day, I am a mum behind the scenes going through the same things as you and I just want my babies to be okay.

Much Love, Stacey xxx

Here are my social media links so that we can (hopefully) keep in touch…

UPDATED Storybook

Coronavirus storybook image updated

Original Storybook

Memory Page


Little Bear Mask

Scavenger Hunt

Fairy Door

Positivity Pack

Challenge Cards

Coronavirus Song

Squirrel Leaf Craft