Childminder Memory Box Bundle


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Give children in your setting a book on every occasion (birthday, Easter and Christmas). Whichever event comes first, put that book in the memory box as part of the gift and tell them that you will be giving them lots more books throughout the years they are with you to add to their box (see Book Bundles for what to give on these occasions on subsequent years). Save the Okay Owl’s Last Day With His Childminder book until each child leaves your setting and give it them on their last day as their final gift.

In this bundle you will find:
– Bunty’s Big Birthday Surprise
– Fergy’s Christmas Treat
– The Easter Bunny’s Greatest Gift
– Oaky Owl’s Last Day With His Childminder (save this book until children leave your setting)/

Each book:
– Has a rhyming story that plants positive seeds in little minds
– Comes with a free linking activity that brings the story to life
– Has a section at the back to record memories and to stick a photograph
– Develops self-awareness

Demonstrate to Ofsted that you:
– Have strong and continual parental links throughout the year
– Use stories to develop cultural capital and encourage every parent to do the same
– Nurture a love of reading from a young age
– Place importance on children’s mental health

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