100 Personalised First Day At School Books


A personalised storybook to reassure children and parents/carers and to prepare them for school by delivering Home/School Agreement expectations in a fun and accessible way.

Reduced price of £3 per book for orders of 100. However, our minimum order quantity is 50 book (click here to order 50 at £4 per book)


A Book To Reassure Children & Parents/Carers & To Prepare Them For School

Give this beautiful storybook to every child when they start at your school in September. The story (about Big Bear and Little Bear) reassures children & parents/carers that everything will be okay and prepares them for school life by delivering the Home/School Agreement expectations in a fun and accessible way.

Personalised Cover & FREE Activity Pack!

The book has your school’s name & logo on the cover and also comes with a free, fun activity pack that gives children the opportunity to identify with the characters and storylines and explore their own thoughts & feelings about starting school.

Redesign You Home/School Agreement

We can also redesign your school’s Home/School Agreement using the characters from the book making it more engaging and relatable. (We will contact you after you have ordered your books to tell you about this fantastic service!)

Minimum Order Quantity

If you order 100 books your unit cost is just £3 per book. However, our minimum order quantity is 50, which is £4 per book (Click here to order 50)


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