Fergy’s Christmas Treat With His Childminder


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This beautiful Christmas storybook is part of our Memory Box Collection.

It has a wonderful story about Fergy Fish and his friends and a little section at the back to record memories from your own Christmas Day and to stick a photograph.

The Story:
In this story, Fergy Fish’s friends worry that he feels left out because he has to watch all of the fun at their childminder’s from the inside of his fish bowl. They all decide to come up with a plan that will give Fergy the best Christmas ever. Instead of wearing Christmas jumpers like they do every year, they buy some new swimming gear instead. They then surprise Fergy by taking him to the local pool so that they can all celebrate Christmas together in the water.

Key Messages:
– Kindness
– Thoughtfulness
– Empathy
– Gratitude
– Inclusion

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