Seema’s Superhero Dream



The Story
A story about a little girl called Seema. She dreams of being a superhero and one day, wakes up to find a note by her bed. It explains that her dream will come true but first she must show that she has the special traits of a superhero (kindness, politeness, positivity, patience and honesty). Seema goes about her normal day and just by being her wonderful self she shows she has these magic powers and her wish is granted.

Journal Section
At the back of this book there’s also a section to record information about each child’s own special qualities and to stick a photograph.

Free Activity
You will also get access to a fun, free, printable activity that links to this storybook plus an Emotional Well-Being Guide that explains how to use the story to encourage your little ones to identify with the storyline and characters and to explore own thoughts, feelings and actions.

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