The Easter Bunny’s Greatest Gift




The Story
Every year Oaky Owl looks forward to doing his Easter egg hunt. This year, the Easter Bunny leaves a letter by his bed saying that although chocolate is a special treat, this year he also wants Okay and his friends to share some kindness with everyone so in every egg there will be a challenge. Oaky and his friends start their hunt and at the end of the day, they all realise that kindness is the greatest gift of all.

Memory Section
At the back of this book there’s also a section to record each child’s own Easter memories and to stick a photograph

Free Activities
You will also get access to free activities that link to this storybook. Your very own Easter kindness hunt and an exciting craft activity bring this story to life and give you hours of fun. You will also get an Emotional Well-Being Guide that explains how to use the story to encourage your little ones to identify with the storyline and characters and to explore own thoughts, feelings and actions

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