The Memory Box Collection
Nursery & Pre-School Book Resources

Give every child in your setting a memory box that they will fill throughout the years with storybooks that you have given them as gifts on special occasions

How it Works…

Step 1

Download your FREE Memory Box Tracker to keep track of the books you have given – You will need 1 per child.

Step 2

Choose the occasions you want to give gifts on, e.g. first day, birthday, Christmas, Easter, Diwali, Eid, Last day.

Step 3

Give each child their first book as a gift in a memory box with a note telling them to keep it safe.

Step 4

After the first year, give children standard storybooks on the occasions that you selected in step 2.

Ways to buy the memory box

Option 1


Just starting out?
Buy 1 book and get the memory box for £4.99

Great for
new starter child

Option 2

Starter Pack Bundle

Buy 5 x books for £12.99
and get the memory box for FREE!

for new starter child

Option 3

Additional Books Bundle

Already have the memory box? Buy a 3 book bundle for £8.49 and save 20%

For child who already has memory box and/or books

Option 4


Buy books individually withouth the memory box. Each book costs £3.00

For new child collection or to add to current collection

Here’s some example plans based on Option 2 your nursery setting…

Example 1: 3 occasions (birthday, Easter & Christmas) plus a welcome/leavers gift.

Example 2: 3 occasions (birthday, Christmas & Easter) plus 2 cultural books to enhance learning (Diwali & Eid)


  • Sale!

    Deepa’s Diwali Dream

    £3.49 £2.70
  • Baby Record Book

  • Sorry Sidney

  • Ali’s Eid Experience

  • Thank You Oaky

  • Memory Box Bundle

  • Year 2 Book Bundle

  • New Starter Bundle

  • Fergy’s Christmas Treat

  • Seema’s Superhero Dream

  • Teddy Makes a Wish

  • Monty Mouse's first day

    Monty Mouse’s First Day

  • Oaky Owl’s Last Day

  • The Easter Bunny’s Greatest Gift

  • Yaryo and Looly

  • Bunty’s Big Birthday Surprise

  • The Fairy Who Could No Longer Fly

    The Fairy Who Could No Longer Fly

  • Seema's Super Hero Dream

    Seema’s Superhero Dream