Reasons Nurseries Subscribe To Our Teaching Resources.


If you work in Early Years you are one special person!


  • make children believe in themselves
  • care about their well-being 
  • take multi-tasking to a whole new level!
  • You go above and beyond.

At Early Years Story Box we understand the demands of the job and how hard you work.

Here are 5 reasons nurseries love our teaching resources and why you will too…

They reduce workload and free up time so you can deliver amazing learning experiences without spending hours planning them.

  • Being a teacher myself, I understand that planning, preparing and making resources takes hours. I have, therefore, gone and created these resources for you.
  • Each resource also comes with a list of creative ways to use them. This list covers every area of learning in the framework. In the click of a button you can print off hours of educational fun.
  • All of our resources have also been designed to supports personal, social and emotional development (PSED). They make it easy for you to show Ofsted that PSED really is at the heart of your nursery!

You get support, new ideas and inspiration from our online community.

Creative minds are powerful together.

You can join our other members to share, inspire and support each other.

Our online community is a safe place where you can:

  • Get new and exciting ideas from other members
  • Share what worked well and what didn’t so that we can make sure our resources always meet your needs
  • Make requests for new resources. If you and our other members want us to cover a particular topic, we will listen and do our best to make sure your request is heard
  • Ask for ideas and inspiration with topics you may be covering
  • Ask for support at any time with any challenges you may be facing

Our teaching resources help create happy, confident and well-rounded children who feel valued.

Although each resource can stand alone as an individual activity, every single one has a deeper purpose.

Each resource (even a simple pencil control activity) provides the opportunity for you to nurture confidence, self-esteem and emotional well-being.

You might be wondering how a simple pencil control activity could ever do this.

I understand why you would feel this way because I would have felt the same.

It’s an unusual concept, right?

I found that by linking each resource to a storybook, this gave the opportunity for children to relate to the characters whilst doing each activity.

  • This developed their understanding of the storyline and the moral messages within it.
  • It allowed them to work through their own feelings and experiences
  • This then built their confidence and self-esteem.
5 Reasons Nurseries Subscribe to Our Teaching Resources - Early Years Resources

Early Years Teaching Resources

Together with our storybooks they improve communication and language.

Because each resource is linked to one of our storybooks, this creates more opportunities for reading.

This broadens vocabulary.

Talking about the storyline and its moral messages throughout an activity deepens a child’s understanding of them.

It also develops their ability to communicate their thoughts and make sense of the world around them.

You get excellent value for money.

We could have actually charged a lot more for our membership than we do. However, we understand that budgets are limited.

We want every single nursery to be able to benefit from what we do so we have made our membership as affordable as we possibly can.

Traditional storytime with an actual book is very important for children. To keep costs down for you we have put online versions of every book within our membership.

However, as a member you get 30% off in our online shop so you can get physical copies of the books you want, sent to your door.

Here’s why I wrote this for you.

The most important reason is to show you how easy it can be to use our resources in your nursery.

How much time and effort using these resources can save you and your staff. Plus, the positive impact our resources have on children and their emotional well-being.

The second purpose of this article was for you to say, “Wow this makes sense! I can see how this would make a difference to me and the children in my nursery. Tell me more!”

And if that sounds like you,

I have something you will really like!

I created a membership for you and I’d like for you to have it for FREE.

You can get it here, but here is what’s inside.

  • You get one of our amazing digital storybooks to read to your class.
  • Access to 4 fun and exciting activity packs with lots of Early Years teaching resources that you can print off in minutes and deliver amazing lessons without spending hours planning them.
  • We even give you a comprehensive list of suggested activities. These cover every area of learning in the framework so that children can have an enriched learning experience.

You can have it FREE

Here’s how to get free access

First, go here and register.

Just complete the form and you will get instant access.

Like I said there is no cost.

And if you want a little more info, you can go here and get it all.

So, if you’d like to use our resources and save yourself tons of time and energy and make a huge difference in the classroom go register for your free membership now.

Thanks for reading this article and I look forward to meeting you in our fantastic online community!

Love Stacey x
“Nurturing self-awareness & imagination in little learners”

P.S If (like me), you always skim to the bottom of the page before you read the article, here’s what it’s about:

  • How our Early Years teaching resources save you time and give you a better work-life balance.
  • Cleverly use story time to create happy well-rounded children who feel valued.

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