Until you become a parent yourself you can’t ever really understand the concept of witching hour.


That time of day when your kids go wild

You’ve had a brilliant day with your kids.

You feel like you’ve actually got a grip on this parenting malarkey.

But then the strike of 4.30pm comes.

It’s like a spell has been cast and your little beauties become what can only be described as feral!

You feel like you’re losing your mind!

You’re surrounded by chaos!

One minute they are screaming.

The next they are crying.

You are doing your best but nothing is working…

Not even Peppa Pig!

You’ve got jobs to do (like make dinner so they don’t starve!) And quite frankly you feel like you are losing the plot.

Drinking wine seems like the only answer

If you are totally honest, there aren’t many days when you don’t question if 5pm is too early for a glass of wine to calm your nerves!

Why this happens

Here are possible reasons for witching hour:

  • Your kids are exhausted after a busy day.
  • They crave your attention and need comfort.
  • They are bored and need to be stimulated.

4 Ways to survive witching hour so you can get through this time of day stress-free!

You might be thinking that nothing works at witching hour and that you’ve tried everything!

I totally understand because I’m a parent myself and I felt the exact same way!

However, I found that by doing these 4 things a miracle happened….

Witching hour went smoothly!

1) Take 10 minutes to yourself

You are tired at this time of day too.

A cup of tea and 10 minutes to yourself can help you to get your sh*t together (even if you might lose it again!)

Before witching hour strikes, put on Paw Patrol for the kids.

Lock yourself in the kitchen and have a few moments to get in the zone so you can feel refreshed and ready to take on anything that comes your way.

2) Focus all your attention on your children

Now this one may seem impossible when you have a million jobs to do like making dinner, but just stick with me for a moment. …

At witching hour your child craves attention and comfort.

By focusing 100% of your attention on them, they will feel connected to you.

This means they will be less emotional and less likely to act out.

Leave all of your jobs until the next day or when they have gone to bed.

Prepare dinner the night before (or get a slow cooker!) so all you have to do is serve it up.

Just make sure that whatever you do, your time is free and dedicated to your children.

It’s amazing how distracted you realise you are when you consciously try to do this.

Just try it for one day and you will see how much calmer your child is.

3) Plan something engaging and fun for them to do

Children get irritable and bored at this time of day.

By planning something fun and exciting they will stay engaged, happy and calm.

Snuggle up together and read a good book. (which is great for their development)

Play games.

Do craft activities.

I can almost hear you saying ‘that’s all very well but when am I meant to have the time to plan these things?

I understand that as a parent there aren’t enough hours in the day.

As much as you will want to organise amazing activities, you just don’t have the time or energy.

This is why I have planned and made some activities for you!

4) Drink wine!

After following the last 3 steps this one is important!

Get the kids to bed and pour a large glass of wine.

This is now not to de-stress…

This time, it is to celebrate your successful, calm witching hour!

Here’s why I wrote this for you.

The most important reason is to show you how it is possible to get through witching hour without feeling like you are actually going to go insane!

How focusing on the kids and doing fun activities with them can actually make this time of day enjoyable.

The second purpose of this article was for you to say, “This makes sense! I can see how this would make a difference to me, my children and my sanity. I want to give it a go!”

And if that sounds like you,

I have something you will really like!

I have created some amazing activities for your children and I’d like for you to have them for FREE.

You can access them here, but this is exactly what you’ll get:

One of our amazing digital storybooks to read to your child.

  • Access to 4 fun and exciting activity packs with lots of resources that you can print off in minutes and have hours of fun with your little one.
  • A list of different ways to use each activity pack so you can get the most out of each resource.

Not only will this save your sanity, it will also have a positive impact on your child’s development.

I am a teacher and I’ve not only designed each resource to be fun and exciting but to also support your child’s development and nurture self-esteem!

You can have all of this for FREE

Here’s how to get free access

First, go here and register.

Just complete the form and you will get instant access.

Like I said there is no cost.

And if you want a little more info, you can go here and get it all.

So, if you’d like to use our resources and save yourself from the dreaded witching hour go and register for free now.

Thanks for reading this article and I look forward to hearing about your success! To find out more about Early Years development click here.

Love Stacey x
“Nurturing self-awareness & imagination in little learners”

P.S If (like me), you always skim to the bottom of the page before you read the article, here’s what it’s about:

  • How focusing only on your kids can help them to feel connected to you and will therefore make them calmer throughout witching hour.
  • Planning exciting and fun activities for them to do can keep them calm and prevent you from losing your sh*t!

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