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5 Ways to Support Emotional Well-Being

'At times, it can be very frustrating when children are ‘overreacting’ to situations that seem very trivial. However, it is important to remember that problems are relative. Cast your mind back to when you were a teenager. The problems you had then will seem...

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Empowering children through transition

'Throughout childhood, belief systems are created that then silently influence us throughout life. What a child consistently hears, sees and feels shapes their view of the world and how they see themselves within it. However, throughout pivotal moments in life,...

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Empowering children with positive beliefs

'Everything a child consistently hears, sees and feels moulds their view of the world and how they see themselves within it, as well as creating belief systems that then silently influence them throughout life. 95% of what we do is completely subconscious, meaning the...

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Empowering Children With Self-Awareness

'Giving children the opportunity to develop their self-awareness is the greatest gift we could give them because it is the foundation of happiness and success. Self-awareness is the ability to understand why you think, feel and act the way that you do. It’s also...

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Why We Should Use Affirmations With Our Children

The main architecture of a child's brain is formed throughout the early years of their life. During this time, their inner wiring is created. This then lays the foundation for their future and affects how they function later in life. Everything a child consistently...

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The Impact of Early Years On A Child’s Future

It’s that age-old debate. Nature versus nurture. Are we genetically programmed the way that we are, or is it determined by our experiences and environment in the early years of our life? The answer here is both. Our DNA, plays a role in who we are. However, the things...

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How To Survive Witching Hour With Your Children

Until you become a parent yourself you can't ever really understand the concept of witching hour.   That time of day when your kids go wild You've had a brilliant day with your kids. You feel like you've actually got a grip on this parenting malarkey. But then...

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Hi, I’m Stacey, the founder of Early Years Story Box. I’m a mum of 2 beautiful children and a former teacher. I’m now using everything I’ve ever learnt through these 2 very important roles to create something really special for you.

Welcome to my blog! I’ll be sharing my thoughts about Early Years, parenting and most importantly, how we can have the most positive impact on the incredible little people in our lives.



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