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The Memory Box Collection Sets

  • Settling in & Transition (Welcome & Leavers Gift)

  • Year 1 – Birthday, Easter & Christmas

  • Year 2 – Birthday, Easter & Christmas


The Memory Box Collection Single Books

  • Bunty’s Big Birthday Surprise

  • Fergy’s Christmas Treat at Nursery

  • Fergy’s Christmas Treat With His Childminder

  • Little Bear’s First Day at Nursery Book

  • Little Bear’s First Day at School

  • Little Bear’s First Day With His Childminder

  • Monty Mouse’s First Day

  • Oaky Owl’s Last Day

  • Oaky Owl’s Last Day With His Childminder

  • Seema’s Superhero Dream

  • Teddy Makes a Wish

  • The Easter Bunny’s Greatest Gift

  • Yaryo and Looly

  • Your Last Day at Nursery With Oaky Owl


Limited Edition Books
Receive Seema’s Superhero Dream & The Fairy Who Could No Longer Fly’ as FREE GIFTS when you join our membership!

  • Baby Record Book

  • Seema's Super Hero Dream

    Seema’s Superhero Dream

  • The Fairy Who Could No Longer Fly

    The Fairy Who Could No Longer Fly


In our membership you get access to:

Digital storybooks
Activity packs
Planning guides
Topic-based resources
Training material

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Premium Membership

Get unlimited online access to our storybooks & Early Years Resources!

Our printable activity packs will support development in all areas of learning. However, because they link to our storybooks they also foster a love of reading and nurture imagination, creativity & emotional well-being


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What Our Customers are Saying

The website is easy and simple to navigate and having immediate access to printable resources is a real bonus. The story books provide appropriate messages for children with lots of wonderful illustrations and characters for little ones to relate to. The planning guides which link to the story books will benefit any busy childcare practitioner, incorporating the EYFS areas of learning and the Fundamental values. Stacey’s enthusiasm, attention to detail and her ability to demonstrate the benefits of the resources with her own children make this an excellent website for both early years professionals and parents.


Childminder/Former OfSted Inspector

The early years story box resources have been perfect for my 3 year old Hannah (going on 15!). We went for the Premium Membership and we have found that these have really helped her to develop her numbers, letters and creative skills but most importantly she loves working on them. As a busy working mum, these have also really helped me because I do not often have the time or mental space to find really creative ways to spark her imagination and these resources are great in those moments and have also inspired me to use different methods to support her development. I cannot recommend Early Years Story Box highly enough for any pre-school children, thank you Stacey Kelly for creating these amazing resources



I work with children who are 3 & 4 and they absolutely love the Early Years Story Box storybooks & resources! I love the fact that the kids love coming to class because they know how much fun they are going to have. They cannot wait to see what we are going to do each day. The books are vibrant and have fantastic storylines with strong moral messages and the resources nurture children’s development through fun & play. I would highly recommend getting the Premium Membership & buying the storybooks.