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Nurture children’s development, emotional well-being and imagination through fun and engaging activities & storybooks for just £14.99 per year!

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Story Box Sets

Digital storybooks
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Training Hub

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Just £14.99 per year & we’ll pay the VAT for you!

Our Premium Membership Explained…

Digital Story Box Sets

By linking resources to storybooks this improves communication and language and it creates more opportunities to nurture emotional well-being, self-awareness and imagination in little learners. This is because throughout each activity, children can explore & identify with the storylines & characters making sense of their own thoughts & feelings. Each set includes…

  • A unique, digital storybook (paper copies available)
  • Fun, printable activity packs
Early Years Story Box - Activity Packs

Digital Storybooks

  • Digital, rhyming flipbooks (paper copies available)
  • Storylines that instil positive values & support emotional well-being
  • Accessible on any device (mobile, iPad, computer, Smartboard)
  • An opportunity to teach children about ICT & technology
  • Premium Members receive 20% off all books in our shop

Activity Packs

  • Activity packs link to our storybooks but can stand alone & cover all areas of learning
  • Children can identify with & explore the characters & storylines, which nurtures self-awareness & imagination & improves communication & language
  • Activity packs can be printed off in a matter of minutes
Early Years Story Box - Activity Packs
Early Years Story Box - Suggested Activities

EYSB Training Hub

  • Training CPD videos and materials to enhance Early Years settings
  • Printable resources to accompany videos
  • Practical strategies and techniques to nurture emotional well-being
  • Certificates to put in your portfolio and to show prospective parents
  • Perfect CPD training for staff meetings and individuals

Topic-Based Resource Boxes

  • Topic-based resources that are not linked to a storybook
  • They are added throughout the year to increase the value of your membership
  • These activities are fun to do and children love them
  • Requests from Premium Members for additional topics will be considered
  • Each digital Resource Box comes with a ‘Self-Awareness & Imagination Guide’
Early Years Story Box - Suggested Activities

Just £14.99 per year & we’ll pay the VAT for you!

See inside our Premium Membership…

Just £14.99 per year & we’ll pay the VAT for you!